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By-laws of ETCS

The current by-laws of the ETCS is approved by the parents through a simple majority referendum. The by-laws shall be amended and revised when appropriate. However, any changes must be first proposed by the board of directors AND and approved by parents through a simple majority referendum.

  1. The governing body of ETCS is a four-member executive committee consisting of

    • Principal

    • Director and principal-elect
    • Treasurer
    • Special Event Coordinator

    1. Responsibilities

      Although the executive committee works together as a team, each member of the committee a specific set of responsibilities and roles. The principal serves as point-of-contact for the school. In this capacity, his/her responsibility includes finding and interacting with teachers, setting up curriculum, renting classrooms, and interacting with the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS). He/she is also responsible for making key decisions after consultation with members of the executive committee (or board of directors if necessary). The director is responsible for daily (weekly) operation of the school. Examples include making announcements to parents, arranging parents-on-duty, ordering and maintaining textbooks, maintaining and updating school directory, and assist the principal in other matters. The treasurer is responsible for collecting tuition, dues for books or other activities, making payments for approved expenses, bookkeeping, and advising the principal on the financial status of the school. The primary responsibility of the special event coordinator is to organize and coordinate social events for the school, such as art performance at Chinese New Year's Eve celebration and Mid-fall festival, Easter egg hunt, awards ceremony, and summer picnics.

    2. Term

      The term for each committee shall be 1 year. The principal shall step down at the end of the 1-year term, but may serve in a different role in the next or future executive committee, upon appointment by the board of directors. The director shall become the principal for the next term. Other members of the executive committee may continue to serve in their current role or in a different role, upon appointment by the board of directors. In exceptional cases, and upon the request and approval by the board of directors or all parents, the principal may continue to serve for more than 1 term.

  2. The board of directors for the school is a special body.

    It consists of three permanent members and four members-at-large elected annually by the parents. Permanent members of the board are the principal of the school, president of ETCA, and a representative from another supporting organization. Members of the board of directors may continue to serve in their capacity as long as they are elected by the parents during annual election.

    The board of directors meets at least once a semester. At the end of each school year, the board of directors appoints the executive committee for the next school year. Once this appointment is made, however, the board of directors shall become an advising body, whose primary role is to advises the executive committee on policy matters concerning the long term well being of the school. In general, the board of directors shall not interfere with the day-to-day operation of the school. In the extreme case of a popular revolt, however, the board of directors is authorized (by an overwhelming majority of at least five votes) to impeach the principal and/or the executive committee and appoint a new principal and an executive committee.